Brewster, our beloved therapy dog, after 10 years of caring for us and our clients, passed away at the end of August this year. His absence has left an emptiness in our hearts and our office.

WNEP Interviews Ronda and Trooper (Click here to watch)


However, before we could adjust to our loss, an unexpected gift of networking from one very caring woman and an act of generosity from one very caring breeder, brought us a precious gift, our new puppy, Trooper.





Trooper is working as hard as he can to grow up enough to begin his new life with BPC. We are hoping that sometime around the end of October, Trooper will be romping around our office, greeting clients and bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

We know that Brewster is smiling down on all of us, happy to know that his good work will be carried on by a fellow golden retriever.

With special thanks to everyone who has helped bring healing to our hearts.