For the season of gratitude that is upon us…

I Have Nothing

I have not one thing at all.
I have many things–
Four healthy limbs,
two legs to carry me,
where ever I wish to walk,
two arms that are strong enough,
to clear the brush,
two good eyes to see,
where to swing the scythe,
two good ears to protect,
from the noise of my own machines.
And I have so many machines and gadgets–
a computer to write down this poem,
two TVs to watch our favorite shows,
a stereo and surround sound system–
music fills the air.
Whenever I bemoan,
an inconvenience-turned-disaster-in-my-mind,
I remind myself that the things I have,
most of the people in world do not:
fresh, clean, running water,
a cold drink, a hot bath,
a soft, clean, warm bed,
a pillow of down.
A reliable food source—no food anxiety here.
Well-stocked grocery and department stores ensure my every need and want.
I have the security that comes from knowing,
where my next meal is coming from.
I own the land I live on. It is lush and green and
ripe for planting–no famine here.
I live in a country whose citizens are free.
I am shielded from the brutality of war,
and from the grief, poverty and descrution it brings.
I have not one thing–
I have so many things,
I am blessed beyond measure.

by Anonymous